Sarah Michael


Audrey L Ng


Shelley Archer


Katie Cranley

10 November 2017

Prue is both friendly and professional, and was incredibly thorough in helping me review a real estate contract. She went through everything in detail to make sure nothing was missed, and helped reassure my concerns. Would definitely use Prue’s services again. Thanks Prue!

8 November 2017

I highly recommend Prue & her team for their personal, efficient & professional service. Prue has built solid relationships as a foundation to her practice to be able to provide her clients with the highest quality advice. I fully trust Empire Barristers & Solicitors with all my business legal needs!

8 November 2017

Prue Hawkins is a professional, accomplished, expert in family law with a great skill set who is able to adapt to any situation. Ms Hawkins has shown me in my dealings a high degree of competency and who is a very capable, able, efficient and experienced law practicer.

I highly recommend her work

7 September 2016

I haven't dealt with Empire, but I have worked with one of it's directors, Prue Hawkins. Prue was my supervisor/mentor when I was gaining some work experience at a Community Legal Centre as a law student. Prue offered a wealth of knowledge and experience - she conducted herself professionally, had a genuine sense of care and concern for her clients and was an absolute gun when it came to advising and representing on the law - and all with a wicked sense of humour. Would definitely recommend her services.

Anthony Knox

18 May 2016

Pauline and Prue are a gem to work with. They made my claim so smooth and fun to work with. Can not recommend Empire enough