At Empire Law, we know that disability Discrimination is unacceptable. We also understand how it can be incredibly detrimental both personally and professionally.

What is a disability in the eyes of the law?

Disability includes temporary and permanent disabilities. These are physical, intellectual, sensory, neurological, learning, and psychosocial disabilities. They can be caused by disease or illnesses, trauma, genetics or congenital.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (WA) are the two acts that ensure the rights of people that could be discriminated against based on a disability. Either Act could be applicable in any given case.

What is Disability Discrimination?

“Disability discrimination occurs when a person is treated less favourably, or not given the same opportunities, as others in a similar situation because of their disability.” -

The Australian Human Rights Commission carried out a national inquiry and found that there are around 4 million people in Australia with a disability. This number is set to rise as life expectancy increases. They also recognise that fewer people with disabilities participate in the workforce than those without disabilities and those that do, get paid less.

No matter how non-discriminatory we believe ourselves to be, we continue to have a large amount of discrimination towards disability in our society.

What to do if you have been discriminated against

Empire Law will help you if you feel you may have been discriminated against and are unsure how to progress. We can advise and support you through what can be an unclear and difficult situation.

Discrimination can be subtle and indirect. If you feel you have been treated less favourably than others then you should seek advice about what is happening.

The discrimination against a person with a disability can occur within the following areas of a person's life:

  • Education
  • Accommodation
  • Goods
  • services and facilities
  • Sport
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Access
  • services, or information
  • Insurance and Superannuation
  • Employment
  • Qualifying bodies
  • Advertisements

Who we help

At Empire Law we can help if you are:

  • A person with a disability
  • A person acting on behalf of a person with a disability (carer or parent)
  • A group who have suffered discrimination
  • An associate, partner or friend of a person with a disability and believe you have been discriminated against.

You are entitled to seek legal advice and possibly make a formal complaint.

If you are seeking further information on anything relating to disability discrimination you may also contact:

Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia on (08) 9216 6900

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission on 1300 656 419

If you are unsure about anything or confused about discrimination and feel it affects you, then please feel free to Contact Prue at Empire Law today on 08 6311 9644.