Prue Hawkins founded Empire Law in 2016. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Empire Law provides professional and competent legal services at affordable rates.

“We listen to our clients, answer important questions and help navigate through various court processes. We understand that our clients are often placed in uncertain and stressful situations and that’s why we offer support & guidance through every step.”  Prue Hawkins, founder

About Prue

Prue did not take the usual route to studying law. Whilst at University studying for her first degree, Prue was involved in a serious car accident and ended up in hospital for six months. The accident wasn’t her fault and as a result, she had to instigate legal proceedings to recover damages from the driver’s insurer. It meant finding a lawyer that she could trust, who was able to help her through the process. This encounter with the legal system is when she realised she was absolutely fascinated by law. In particular how it could help people like it had helped her. After finishing a fine arts degree, she went on to study law and has never looked back.


After graduating from UWA in 2006 Prue spent the next ten years primarily working in family law matters and disability discrimination complaints in both the state and federal jurisdictions. It was in 2016 that Prue set up her own practice. The company has seen substantial growth despite its young age.


Prue has a keen eye for the law coupled with a friendly and approachable manner. She can explain processes and procedures clearly, eliminating the legal jargon that can appear baffling, whilst maintaining professionalism. Prue often exceeds the expectations of her clients. Some of this is due to her ethical and moral standing. She genuinely cares for her clients in ensuring that they get the outcome they deserve. She takes pride in making sure that she is upfront and honest regarding prospective outcomes and is practical in providing advice.

Her personable and friendly approach makes her popular amongst her clients. Transparent in how she manages any case and responsive in providing legal services, recognising that this saves money and time for her clients. She is judicious in how she manages sensitive cases, especially around delicate family law and discrimination cases.

Interests and Causes

Prue has over 10 years of experience in many different areas of law, however, her expertise lies in Family Law, Wills and Probate and Disability Discrimination matters. Prue has specialised experience in resolving care arrangements for children of a relationship and matters arising out of restraining orders. These three areas are where her key skills and passion lie.

Prue is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia, Women Lawyers of Western Australia and Family Law Practitioners Association.